The Ins & Outs of a Distributed Database: Clustered InnoDB the Right Way

Trends in Architecture and Design
2 April 1:20PM - 2:10PM @ Ballroom H

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50 minutes conference
There are several options to address MySQL performance and scalability issues. Doing it yourself, with “homegrown” sharding is typically labor intensive and often requires multiple application changes. Accordingly, this is neither CAPEX effective nor OPEX efficient. Upgrading the hardware (SSDs/CPU/memory) is a short term fix and will only buy time - not solving the actual problem. Moving to NoSQL will remove ACID compliancy – often a high price to pay. Consider distributing your trusted MySQL database into multiple InnoDB nodes, thus gaining parallel processing and performance, high availability and geo distribution - all made easy and automated. Innovation around data distribution is critical, come learn more and explore...


Founder & CTO, ScaleBase
Doron is a long-time veteran of the database industry. He has extensive experience in building and scaling-out database systems as well as the organizations and infrastructure necessary to support them. Prior to founding ScaleBase, Doron help build from the ground-floor Aluna, Ltd. which eventually became one of Israel’s most successful consulting firms specializing in database design and implementation. Doron led Aluna from its initial inception to its successful acquisition by Matrix, Israel’s largest system integrator. Doron brings over 15 years of experience and leadership in IT, during this time, he has received multiple international awards and certifications, and is an esteemed lecturer, speaking around the globe. Doron began his career as a DBA and System Administrator and led complex projects and large scale IT teams for some of Israel’s largest organizations, including the training and instruction of database systems for the Israeli Defense Forces. Doron holds a BS from Bar Ilan University and a MBA from Heriot Watt University. Doron is also the publisher of the Database Scalability Blog, where he enjoys discussing challenging database scalability issues such as big data, throughput, complexity, virtualization and global distribution.