Hadoop for MySQL People

2 April 2:20PM - 3:10PM @ Ballroom B

Experience level: 
50 minutes conference
Everyone knows that big data is here to stay, and one of the best NoSQL solutions out there is Hadoop. MySQL DBAs will need to know when to adjust and leverage Hadoop within their environment and even start using and administering Hadoop clusters. Hadoop is no replacement for the time-tested RDBMS, but for dealing with petabytes of data, Hadoop is the coolest kid on the block. In this session, you will learn: 1. The different parts of the Hadoop ecosystem 2. What the difference is between Hadoop and relational database management systems 3. How to import and export data from MySQL to Hadoop and vice versa 4. How to use HiveQL to access data within Hadoop 5. I will show the differences between Hive, Impala


Database Architect, Groupon.com
I've been a long time MySQL community member and user. Through my career I have designed, implemented and maintained small to large scale MySQL installations while training and mentoring teams of DBAs. This includes building architecture from the ground up and improving on those that are currently in place while emphasizing scalability, performance and ease of use.