Flash-enabled compression – learn how compressed databases can run even faster than uncompressed

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2 April 2:20PM - 3:10PM @ Ballroom H

50 minutes conference
Learn how the upcoming convergence of volatile and non-volatile memory infrastructure is creating software interfaces that dramatically improve the performance and reliability of applications. This session will focus on compression improvements in innodb/XtraDB optimized for flash using these native flash interfaces. Get the capacity benefits of compression, without incurring the performance overhead and complexity of packing and re-packing the compressed blocks into one-size-fits-all blocks. Instead, rely on underlying thin provisioning to allocate only what is used and provide efficient garbage collection of unused blocks.


Sr. Systems Architect, SanDisk
Dhananjoy Das (Joy) has extensive experience in architecting database/storage solutions and platform infrastructures often involved in complete lifecycle of product development. At SanDisk, Joy is Sr. Systems Architect in the Advanced Development group where he architects solutions for application acceleration and is involved in research and development of emerging storage technologies focusing on Non Volatile Memory technology. Joy also works closely with the open source community, and is currently involved with the MySQL community working on new flash-optimized storage methods for accelerating relational databases. Prior to joining Fusion-io (now a SanDisk company), Joy spent a decade at NetApp, architecting and developing core infrastructure framework such as NVRAM and High Speed Interconnect for HA (High Availability) SAN and NAS product lines. He has authored technical papers and presented at industrial conferences. Joy holds a Master Degree in computer science from the University of Pune.