Deep diving into MySQL monitoring setup

Database Administration
1 April 1:30PM - 4:30PM @ Ballroom A

Experience level: 
3 hours tutorial
This is a hands-on tutotial on setting up MySQL monitoring for your production systems using Nagios (the main focus), Cacti and briefly Zabbix. The tutorial is based on the real best practice from Percona Remote DBA team and proven over time. Topics and tasks to be covered: * Active and passive monitoring with Nagios * Monitoring OS parameters of MySQL server * Monitoring MySQL service, its properties and replication * Monitoring backups * Monitoring HA solutions such as MHA, MMM, HAproxy, Percona XtraDB Cluster etc. * Monitoring Amazon RDS * Notification methods and pagers * Useful Nagios hints * Trending and graphing with Cacti * Quick walkthrough of monitoring and graphing with Zabbix and how it's different from Nagios Prerequisites: - good knowledge of Linux, shell and MySQL; - be familiar with Nagios; - a laptop with Virtualbox installed.


Lead Platform Engineer, Percona
Roman joined Percona in 2012 as Remote DBA and participated in the corresponding service formation within the company. Currently, he takes a position of Lead Platform Engineer and does development for Managed Services including monitoring tools, backup scripts, web system etc. Also Roman maintains Percona Monitoring Plugins project.
DBA Team Manager, Percona
Akshay Suryawanshi, climbed through many roles since his joining at Percona in March 2013. Currently he manages the APAC team at Percona Managed Services department.
Support Engineer, Percona
Michael joined Percona in October 2007. He serves in several roles, including Wikimaster and company schedules administrator. In the latter role, he is involved in assuring Percona's 24x7 support coverage. He was also the organizer of the company's first two annual all-staff meetings. He is working now in Support team as Support Engineer. Prior to joining the company, Michael worked as a consultant on Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management systems. His introduction to computers was in 2000, when he began his university studies. He now has an undergraduate degree in computer sciences, and in 2011 he earned an MBA. Michael was born in Chervonograd, a small city in western Ukraine. He was married on his 25th birthday. He loves his wife and son and tries to spend as much of his free time as possible with them. His hobbies are music and cars.