Data materialisation for high-performance Web front-ends.

Developing Applications
2 April 1:20PM - 2:10PM @ Ballroom F

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50 minutes conference is one of the largest hotel and accommodation reservation websites in the world. We have used new hardware, software, and MySQL features to build databases for our dynamic website that give 10x improvement over established database architectures. This talk will describe how has implemented data materialisation techniques using MySQL to support a high-volume high-performance website. It will cover the evolution of our back-end and front-end database architectures, the challenges involved in making it work, and how MySQL is still the best choice for us. We have used all the power of MySQL, cutting-edge hardware and innovative software development over a two-year journey to faster business. Come find out how we did it!


Senior Systems Architect,
Nicolai Plum is a Senior Systems Architect at, the leading online hotel accommodation reservation company in the world. He specialises in scalability of computing infrastructure, databases and system operations.