Configuring Percona Server for use in hosted or multi-tenant environments.

Database Administration
4 April 3:00PM - 3:50PM @ Ballroom A

Experience level: 
50 minutes conference
Percona Server now has several features that allow a server owner to limit the actions of a connected user (even root) and enhances the manageability of a hosted server instance. In this talk I will cover some of the new options and techniques used to manage a server instance within the cloud. These include: - How to use the utility-user functionality to limit access to hosted data and help limit the liability of the hoster while still allowing a certain level of access to manage the server. - How to use the enhanced options modifiers to prevent users from changing critical system variables. - How to use the various options to limit the space utilized by binlog and slow query logs (max-binlog-size, max-binlog-files, max-slowlog-size, and max-slowlog-files). - How to use new space management options to warn and help prevent XtraDB from getting into an unrecoverable state due to ENOSPC. - Discuss some of the research and work being done to help limit runaway UNDO space.


Software Engineer, Percona
George joined the Percona development team in April 2012. George has over 20 years of experience in software support, development, architecture and project management. Prior to joining Percona, George was focused on Windows based enterprise application server development and network protocol classification and optimization with heavy doses of database schema design, architecture and tuning. George lives in the beautiful mountains of north-central Arizona with his wife and cat. His hobbies are fiddling with cool bits of technology, home brewing and winemaking, tending his ever growing garden, hiking, fishing, camping and otherwise enjoying the out of doors as much as possible.