Box Weather Station: Open Source tools for performance and forensic monitoring

4 April 1:50PM - 2:40PM @ Ballroom B

Experience level: 
50 minutes conference
We present two open source tools developed at Box that are simple to use and very powerful: Anemometer is a query performance tracking tool which leverages Percona's pt-query-digest tool to help gather detailed query execution data, and them provides a drop-dead simple interface for analyzing and reporting on that data. It allows you to monitor performance across many individual database servers, and can aggregate statistics and queries across all of them. This will allow you to easily find the most expensive queries across all your databases so you know what to fix. It also allows integration via API calls which can allows you to build tools and automation on top of it. Raingauge is a tool for capturing detailed forensic data from your databases when the unexpected occurs. It's built on top of Percona's pt-stalk, which it uses to collect the data -- but it takes it to the next level by aggregating your collections from all your servers in one place. You can see trends at a glance, and explore the data from its simple web interface. This tool is critical for minimizing outages and failures -- you will never again miss important data you need to resolve issues. You can collect the data you need the first time and move on to fixing problems instead of waiting to reproduce sporadic faults.


DBA, Box
Gavin Towey is a senior Database Administrator at Box working on database operations, performance, and writing tools to make managing databases easier. He has worked with MySQL since 3.23 as a developer and has been a dedicated DBA for the past 7 years. He has managed large mysql installations with hundreds of instances, many terabytes of data, and billions of queries per day.