The bash slave-prefetch oneliner

3 April 5:30PM - 8:20PM @ Community Networking Welcome Reception

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Slave prefetchers can speed up replication but only work within very limited boundaries. As Domas described it two years ago: "Please don’t use mk-slave-prefetch on MySQL unless you are Facebook. Or at least don’t tell your friends, so they won’t use it." We are not Facebook, but we certainly like to stand in their shadow! Besides that we were suffering from slave lag on a slave that never could catch up with its current pace and I was convinced it could help in our (corner) case. So I installed maatkit next to the Percona-toolkit only to find out we are running.......row based replication... But, being a smart-ass, I immediately thought of mysqlbinlog being able to extract queries from row-based replication and I could use sed and awk to extract and replace the correct queries and then it only started to go downhill...


Senior Database Administrator (freelance), DBArt
Has worked over nine years at Spil Games and contributed as a developer, IT Architect, Database Administrator, Database Specialist and Head of Database Engineering to the growth of the company. Recently he has started his own company that enables him to work on various MySQL and database performance related projects.