Achieving Regulatory Compliance With MySQL Audit Plugins

Database Administration
3 April 4:30PM - 5:20PM @ Ballroom D

Experience level: 
50 minutes conference
Join Jeremy Glick and Andrew Moore whilst they share their experiences persuading MySQL to meet various regulatory compliance standards. Previous methods of logging for compliance included UDFs, triggers and other unreliable means to fill a gap in the core offering. However, given some of today's new requirements, they are no longer viable solutions. Did you know that MySQL has had a pluggable audit interface since version 5.5.3? This feature has presented several new logging options from multiple vendors and many of them are open source and free to use. Jeremy and Andrew will share these options with you, go through the decision-making process, and give a brief tutorial on setting up and configuring the prominent audit plugins on the market today. A review of the decision-making process will include looking at performance, ease of use, log format and size, log management/rotation, logging filters (events, users), and version compatibility. This session includes: - Deciding what to log - MySQL's pluggable audit interface - In-depth look and comparison of the various Audit plugins - Demo of plugins - Other methods of logging - The output; what can we do with this data? - Performance impact and best practices


MySQL Database Engineer, ZipRecruiter
Jeremy Glick is a MySQL Database Engineer at ZipRecruiter. Before that, he worked as a consultant for various technology companies with systems ranging from dozens to hundreds of database servers. Jeremy is also the organizer of the Chicago MySQL Meetup. He holds multiple MySQL certifications and is a RedHat RHCE.
Remote DBA, Percona
A production MySQL DBA with years of eclectic experience in MySQL versions, replacements, platforms and problems. Beginning life as a Production DBA working within Nokia's Music service with SQL Server, the company's direction gave Andrew the opportunity to work at scale with MySQL 5.1 and gain DBA certification. In 2011 Andrew took a remote position with the Pythian Group and sharpened his skill set to include new products and techniques non-existing among the Nokian environments. Since fall 2013, Andrew has been working within Percona's Remote DBA team plying his experience to the client's environments and internal tools developed to keep operations slick.