• Senior Engineering Manager , Oracle
    Sunny Bains joined the Oracle/InnoDB team in 2006. He is the author of the Full Text Search and responsible for numerous other optimisations in InnoDB. He currently manages the InnoDB team. He has been writing software for longer than he can remember. Prior to joining InnoDB he wrote a database engine for a distributed database product at his previous employer. The networked database was used in a mission critical environment in the airline industry with very strict service level guarantees.
  • Founder , SunnyCloud
    Sunny Gleason is founder and Distributed Systems Engineer at SunnyCloud, a company providing high-performance application development and hosting and high-availability distributed storage solutions using Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, and Google Compute Cloud. Previously, he worked on cloud platform system design and implementation at Amazon.com and Ning. LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/sunnygleason/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/sunnygleason GitHub: http://github.com/sunnygleason
  • Manager, Systems Infra , Square
  • Senior Engineering Manager , Box
    Tamar Bercovici is a Senior Engineering Manager at Box where she leads the Distributed Data Systems Team in scaling Box’s database architecture. Prior to Box, Tamar was an early-stage employee at XMPie (now a Xerox company). Tamar holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.
  • Director of Technology Solutions , Attunity
    Tara Bruckert is the Director of Technology Solutions at Attunity helping to drive customer success with the company’s solutions. She has a deep background in data replication and data warehousing through her experience working at GoldenGate Software, Oracle, and Informatica. Follow Tara on Twitter at @tara_bruckert.
  • Chief Marketing Officer , Percona
    As chief marketing officer for Percona, Terry Erisman is responsible for the company’s global brand and marketing strategy execution as well as Percona’s conferences. An industry veteran with more than 20 years of experience, Terry has helped start seven companies, launch more than 25 new products, and driven high revenue for a multitude of award-winning companies in the SaaS, open source, and enterprise software sectors. Terry previously served as vice president of product marketing at DotNetNuke, the fastest growing open source web CMS on .NET, where he was responsible for all outbound marketing activities and helped grow company revenues from zero to a $10 million annual run rate in 18 months and the subscription customer base from zero to more than 1,500 in less than three years. Terry’s previous positions included vice president of marketing and business development for Project Hosts, a leading enterprise project management SaaS company, and director of marketing for CaseCentral, a leading SaaS provider to the legal industry and Fortune 500 companies. Terry has a bachelor’s degree from Harvard University and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.
  • VP/Engineering , Tokutek
    Tim Callaghan is the Vice President of Engineering at Tokutek, creators of TokuDB. A long time database fanatic, Tim has 20 years experience building and administering database applications for commercial and internal usage. Tim spent two years at VoltDB, where he led the field engineering efforts, was the point contact for all commercial and community customers, and served as Product Manager. Before that, he was the Chief System Architect at CrunchTime Information Systems, building their SaaS restaurant solutions and distributed database offerings for the cruise industry.
  • Principal Engineer , Dyn
    Tim Chadwick is the principal engineer of Infrastructure at Dyn. He has been a primary contributor to data oriented businesses and applications at scale for over 15 years. Industries of his focus include manufacturing, higher-ed, media, medical and Internet performance. He has implemented the gamut of database technologies, mostly focused in the open source space. Follow him on twitter @DynData.
  • Database Engineer , Dyn
    Tim Goodaire is a Senior Database Engineer at Dyn. His work focuses on automation, monitoring, and generally improving the stability of Dyn's database ecosystem. Prior to joining Dyn, Tim worked at Afilias where he was responsible for the operation of various registry databases and replication systems. With over a decade supporting high profile Internet services, Tim brings an experienced and mature perspective to database.
  • Database Engineer , Tumblr
    Thomas Christ is on the data team at Tumblr, specializing in MySQL. He has worked on social web platforms and on large-scale data processing throughout his career, landing at Tumblr.
  • Sr. Database Infrastructure Engineer - MySQL , GitHub
    Tom has been working with MySQL since 2003. He started working with MySQL as a PHP developer. He briefly moved over to systems administration where he was responsible for Apache and MySQL servers. His desire to learn more about databases moved him into a role as a DBA and he's happily filled that role at several companies. He is currently working at GitHub helping automate and expand their existing architecture. He's previously worked for Box, Twitter, & Booking.com.
  • Vice President for the MySQL Engineering team , Oracle
    Mr. Tomas Ulin has been working with the MySQL Database team since 2003, and is currently employed by Oracle, based in Sweden. He is Vice President for the MySQL Engineering team, responsible for the development and maintenance of the MySQL related software products within Oracle, such as the MySQL Server, MySQL Cluster, MySQL Connectors, MySQL Workbench, MySQL Enterprise Backup, and MySQL Enterprise Monitor. Prior to working with MySQL he has a background in the telecom industry, working for the Swedish telecom operator Telia and Telecom vendor Ericsson. He has a Masters degree in Computer Science and Applied Physics from Case Western Reserve University and a PhD in Computer Science from the Royal Institute of Technology.
  • Founder & CTO , ScaleArc
    As Chief Technology Officer, Varun leads ScaleArc's Product Development and Technology Strategy. Varun also served as ScaleArc's CEO from March 2009 to Sept 2013. Varun is a technologist with broad experience in several fields, from running Linux-based BBS systems in the pre-internet-boom days, to writing about technology and open source software at PC Quest, CHIP, Digit and Network Computing, to creating India's top online technology brands such as TechTree and Tech2, to hosting technology shows on CNBC, TV18, CNN-IBN and ET Now. He led large Web & Application development teams as CTO at Network 18's web division and built the highly scalable technology behind large websites like IN.com, MoneyControl.com and various other portals.
  • Senior Software Engineer , SkySQL
    Works as a software engineer and contributes to MaxScale project. Is responsible for read/write split router, query classifier, log manager and parts of the core engine. In the past (2004-2013), worked with the SolidDB In-Memory Engine, the High-Availability Controller, and the HotStandby Option. Prior to that (2000-2005), worked as a research -, and a teaching assistant at University of Helsinki, Department of Computer Science.
  • Lead Software Developer , HP
    Vipul Sabhaya works in the HP Cloud Platform Services team out of Seattle, and leads the Messaging as a Service product based on Openstack Cue. Prior to starting the Cue project, Vipul was heavily involved in Trove and responsible for shipping it to production on HP Cloud. Vipul is excited about building awesome community-based Platform as a Service software on top of Openstack. Before joining HP Cloud, Vipul worked on architecture and development of Cloud-based B2B Integration Platform at Hubspan. Vipul graduated with a Bachelors in Computer Science from the University of Washington.
  • Performance consultant , Astellar
    Vladimir has been helping people to scale their LAMP applications for more than 10 years, with a focus on performance optimization and operations for MySQL and Sphinx based systems. In the past he was worked with high-performance systems as a developer and team leader. In his off-duty time he enjoys traveling, bicycling and photography. Twitter: https://twitter.com/vfedorkov Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vfedorkov
  • Founder / CEO , OlinData
    Walter has been specialised in MySQL since 2009. He started his career as a programmer, then transfering into a DBA role and slowly including more and more Ops work as well. Walter worked with OpenQuery for several years before taking off on his own. He's now running OlinData, an Open Source Training and Consulting business active in 20+ countries across Europe and Asia.
  • Staff MySQL DBA , Okta
    Will Gunty is a Staff MySQL Database Administrator at Okta. Prior to working at Okta, he was one of the first members of the Database Operations team at Box and a Senior DBA at Twitter.
  • MySQL Architect , Yahoo
  • Database Engineer , Facebook
    Yoshinori is a database engineer at Facebook. Before joining Facebook, Yoshinori was a database and infrastructure architect at DeNA, living in Tokyo. Yoshinori's primary responsibility at DeNA is to make our database infrastructure more reliable, faster and more scalable. Before joining DeNA, Yoshinori worked at MySQL/Sun/Oracle as a lead consultant in APAC for four years. Yoshinori has written eight MySQL related technical books so far and has published technical articles about MySQL, Linux, and Java for a monthly database magazine since 2004.
  • Principal consultant , Percona
    I am a Principal Consultant at Percona, specializing in MySQL High-Availability and scaling solutions. Prior to joining Percona in 2009, I worked as a senior consultant for MySQL AB and Sun Microsystems, assisting customers across North America with NDB Cluster and Heartbeat/DRBD technologies.
  • Big Data Consultant / Solutions Architect , Pythian
    Danil Zburivsky, Big Data Consultant/Solutions Architect, Pythian. Danil has been working with databases and information systems since his early years in university, where he received a Master's Degree in Applied Math. Danil has 7 years of experience architecting, building and supporting large mission-critical data platforms using various flavours of MySQL, Hadoop and MongoDB. He is also the author of “Hadoop Cluster Deployment” book. Besides databases Danil is interested in functional programming, machine learning and rock climbing.