• Senior Software Engineer , LinkedIn
    Davi Arnaut is a member of the MySQL development team at LinkedIn. He works closely with LinkedIn's data team to add new features to MySQL, evaluate performance, and track down and fix bugs. In the past, Davi was a lead software engineer in the MySQL development teams at Twitter and Oracle.
  • Proprietor , Berube Consulting
    David Berube is a software developer, consultant, speaker, and writer. He is constantly researching, perfecting, and practicing his trade. He is a prolific writer, appearing in places such as Dr Dobbs Journal, Linux Magazine, IBM DeveloperWorks, PHP International Magazine, and many others. He speaks frequently, notably including his seminar series, "Making Money Using Open Source Software". He authored the books "Practical Rails Gems" and "Practical Reporting with Ruby and Rails", and co-authored the book "Practical Rails Plugins."
  • Information Security Architect , Percona
    David has been a Linux systems admin for around 14 years, and generally in different roles - development, network admin, support, DBA, and more. He is a Fedora user and a fan of puppet (not so much the hat - nor Bert & Ernie, however). As time allows, he contributes to the EPEL packages for Openstack. He has an interest in infosec, and so is generally paranoid about security. He is also familiar with metasploit, sqlmap, john, oclHashCat, and has also written a few python tools. Living in Whitchurch, United Kingdom, he holds a 2nd dan black belt in Ju-Jitsu and, with his Father and Uncle, helps to teach at a local non-profit club with ages ranging from 6+. He also teaches computing to students at a local school using the Raspberry Pi as the platform running Raspbian. He is proud that they're starting to grow beyond basic networking and logical programming patterns to get the students thinking about solving problems with basic robotics
  • VP Technical Operations , Genius.com Inc
    Chief DBA in a multi-homed, multi-master, many slave high transaction mixed Percona 5.0 and 5.5 environment.
  • Storage SRE , Uber
    David Turner joined Uber in 2016. He has more than 10 years experience working with databases such as Oracle and MySQL. He was drawn to MySQL because of his interest in database internals and a deeper understanding of systems architecture. With MySQL he has found he has more freedom to explore. His experience in working at larger shops such as Dropbox, Facebook, Pinterest, Sprint, and Zendesk has given him a strong understanding of scaling issues and of managing massive amounts of data and databases.
  • Sr. Systems Architect , SanDisk
    Dhananjoy Das (Joy) has extensive experience in architecting database/storage solutions and platform infrastructures often involved in complete lifecycle of product development. At SanDisk, Joy is Sr. Systems Architect in the Advanced Development group where he architects solutions for application acceleration and is involved in research and development of emerging storage technologies focusing on Non Volatile Memory technology. Joy also works closely with the open source community, and is currently involved with the MySQL community working on new flash-optimized storage methods for accelerating relational databases. Prior to joining Fusion-io (now a SanDisk company), Joy spent a decade at NetApp, architecting and developing core infrastructure framework such as NVRAM and High Speed Interconnect for HA (High Availability) SAN and NAS product lines. He has authored technical papers and presented at industrial conferences. Joy holds a Master Degree in computer science from the University of Pune.
  • MySQL Performance Architect , Oracle
    Over 20 years in the IT industry, focused mainly on databases and systems performance, with the past several years working full time on MySQL Performance at Oracle. Previously 15 years at the Sun Benchmark Center in Paris (now Oracle, currently OSC) working on customer's workloads performance and scalability optimizations, including various tender competitions. Previously at the Informix Benchmark Team in France. Author of the dim_STAT Performance Monitoring & Analyzing tool, and actively publishing MySQL Performance related articles at http://dimitrik.free.fr/blog.
  • Solution Engineer , Percona
    At the age of 7, Dimitri received his first computer, since then he has felt addicted to anything with a digital pulse. Dimitri has been active in IT professionally since 2003 in which he took various roles from internal system engineering to consulting. Prior to joining Percona, Dimitri worked as a Open Source consultant for a leading Open Source software consulting firm in Belgium. During his career, Dimitri became familiar with a broad range of open source solutions and with the devops philosophy. Whenever he's not glued to his computer screen, he enjoys travelling, cultural activities, basketball and the great outdoors. Dimitri is living with his girlfriend in the beautiful city of Ghent, Belgium.
  • Data Architect , InfiniDB
    Dipti Joshi is Data Architect with InfiniDB, Inc. Dipti Joshi joined InfiniDB in 2012. Dipti Joshi has more than 20 years of design, development, architecture, and product management experience. She has worked on software and database applications for Telecommunications, Healthcare, and Government organizations.
  • Database Engineer , Facebook
    Domas is member of Facebook database performance team.
  • Founder & CTO , ScaleBase
    Doron is a long-time veteran of the database industry. He has extensive experience in building and scaling-out database systems as well as the organizations and infrastructure necessary to support them. Prior to founding ScaleBase, Doron help build from the ground-floor Aluna, Ltd. which eventually became one of Israel’s most successful consulting firms specializing in database design and implementation. Doron led Aluna from its initial inception to its successful acquisition by Matrix, Israel’s largest system integrator. Doron brings over 15 years of experience and leadership in IT, during this time, he has received multiple international awards and certifications, and is an esteemed lecturer, speaking around the globe. Doron began his career as a DBA and System Administrator and led complex projects and large scale IT teams for some of Israel’s largest organizations, including the training and instruction of database systems for the Israeli Defense Forces. Doron holds a BS from Bar Ilan University and a MBA from Heriot Watt University. Doron is also the publisher of the Database Scalability Blog, where he enjoys discussing challenging database scalability issues such as big data, throughput, complexity, virtualization and global distribution.
  • Senior Systems Marketing Engineer, Enterprise SSD , Micron
    Doug Rollins joined Micron in 2009 as an applications engineer with the Enterprise SSD Products group. Prior to joining Micron, Mr. Rollins spent 17 years working in server system, network appliance, and storage platform/data protection design and manufacture, and solid state storage. Mr. Rollins is the named inventor in 13 U.S. patents and has been recognized by both the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) and Intel Corporation for outstanding technical achievement, as well as recognition for his Enterprise SSD sales enablement efforts. Mr. Rollins is an active member of several technical groups within SNIA including: The Solid State Storage Initiative and its Technical Working Group; Data Protection and Capacity Optimization; Marketing and Technical Development; and IO and Trace Tools Analysis. As co-chair of SNIA’s Solid State Storage Initiative’s Technical Working Group, Mr. Rollins was a co-author of and was instrumental in the early development and validation of SNIA’s SSD Performance Test Specification. He has written and published several papers and taught hands-on lab activities on SSD performance measurement. Mr. Rollins earned his BA degree in mathematics from Humboldt State University.
  • DBA , Co-Host of the SF MySQL Meetup.
    Co-Host of the SF MySQL Meetup - http://www.sfmysql.org
  • Database Engineer and Bit Wrangler , Pinterest
    Ernie is a member of the triumvirate of data services engineers at Pinterest, where his current focus is on improving the performance and operational efficiency of a petabyte-scale MySQL deployment. In his past lives, Ernie has worked in almost every aspect of information technology, from network engineering to software development, with his most recent previous engagement being a Senior Architect with Percona. Current areas of interest include artificial intelligence, data analytics, and neuroscience. He holds a BS in mathematics and a BA in political science from Arizona State University.
  • Director of Engineering , Tumblr
    Evan is a software engineer and database automation expert based in New York City. He was originally engineer #4 at Tumblr, where he recently returned to direct several backend engineering teams. Previously he was a member of Facebook's MySQL Infrastructure team, where he deployed GTID to the world's largest MySQL fleet, and led development of the company's internal DBaaS platform. He has been using MySQL since 2003, and is the creator of two open source tools: Jetpants, a shard orchestration toolkit; and Skeema, a schema management system.
  • CEO, Principal Consultant , hastexo
    Florian is an open source cloud and high availability expert, experienced technical consultant, seasoned training instructor, and technical writer. He is the principal author of the OpenStack High Availability Guide, was previously the principal author of the DRBD User's Guide, and has contributed numerous articles to technical publications. He has previously spoken at Percona Live, the OpenStack Summit, LinuxCon, linux.conf.au, OSCON and many other events.
  • Senior Architect , Percona
    Frédéric is an experienced Open Source consultant with expertise in infrastructure projects as well in development tracks and database administration. Frédéric is a believer of devops culture.
  • DBA , Box
    Gavin Towey is a senior Database Administrator at Box working on database operations, performance, and writing tools to make managing databases easier. He has worked with MySQL since 3.23 as a developer and has been a dedicated DBA for the past 7 years. He has managed large mysql installations with hundreds of instances, many terabytes of data, and billions of queries per day.
  • Database Operations Engineer , Box, Inc.
    Geoffrey Anderson is a Senior Database Operations Engineer at Box where he specializes in database administration, optimization, and tooling for MySQL and HBase. Geoffrey holds a B.S. in Information Technology from the Rochester Institute of Technology.
  • Software Engineer , Percona
    George joined the Percona development team in April 2012. George has over 20 years of experience in software support, development, architecture and project management. Prior to joining Percona, George was focused on Windows based enterprise application server development and network protocol classification and optimization with heavy doses of database schema design, architecture and tuning. George lives in the beautiful mountains of north-central Arizona with his wife and cat. His hobbies are fiddling with cool bits of technology, home brewing and winemaking, tending his ever growing garden, hiking, fishing, camping and otherwise enjoying the out of doors as much as possible.
  • . , .
    Gillian joined the GitHub infrastructure team in January 2016. She's worked as a DBA at such companies as Okta, PalominoDB/BlackbirdIT, Pythian and Disney, and spent 3 years on the MySQL support team at Oracle. Her home base is Vancouver, BC.
  • Quality Assurance Architect , VMware
    Quality Assurance Architect at VMware. Formerly at MySQL AB, and then through acquisitions at Sun Microsystems and Oracle. Then at Continuent, Inc and currently at VMware through a merge. I am active member of the MySQL community and long timer open source enthusiast. During the past decades I have worked in various IT related fields, with focus on databases, object oriented programming, system administration, quality assurance. Fluent in Italian, English, Perl, Python, SQL, Spanish, C, Bash, and good speaker of C , French, Java. I work in cyberspace, with a virtual team.
  • System Architect , Confluent
    Gwen Shapira has 15 year experience in database engineering. Working with Oracle, MySQL and recently Hadoop. Gwen enjoys sharing her knowledge at her blog, on twitter and by speaking at conferences. She's a co-author of the book Hadoop Applications Architectures.
  • Site Reliability Manager , Google Inc.
    In 6 years at Google, Ian has been a Systems Engineer, Software Engineer, tech lead and now manages Google's MySQL development and Site Reliability Engineering teams in Mountain View, California. He's worked with MySQL since 3.23 in a wide variety of environments, including cash registers, anti-spam services and political campaigns.
  • CTO , VividCortex
    I've been working for 10+ years in the IT industry, with a mixed developer/systems administration profile focused in FOSS technologies, and experience in systems performance. In 2002-2010 I worked as part of three different teams in developing and administering web applications. In 2010-2013, I was part of the Percona team, where I served in different roles: Operations, Development and Support/Consulting. Since late 2013 I'm part of the VividCortex team, in charge of the automation of the systems, as well as backend development. twitter - @nachexnachex linkedin - http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=52462882
  • Database Architect , GitHub
    Ike Walker is a Database Architect at GitHub. He has 16 years of experience with relational databases, and has been working with MySQL since 2006. Ike runs the Boston MySQL meetup, and holds a gold badge for mysql on stackoverflow.com.
  • Staff Software Engineer , Twitter
    Inaam is a MySQL Internals Engineer at Twitter. Before joining Twitter, Inaam was a member of InnoDB team at Oracle. His area of focus has been performance and scalability of the InnoDB storage engine. He has been mostly working on the buffer cache layer, low level concurrency, IO subsystem and logging/recovery. Over the years, Inaam has had a chance to contribute to many scalability related features in InnoDB plugin, MySQL-5.5 and MySQL-5.6. In his previous work experience he had been involved in development of IBM’s DB2 LUW and PostgreSQL database engines. Inaam currently lives in Toronto, Canada.
  • EVP Products and Strategy , ScaleDB Inc.
    Ivan is EVP of Strategy and Products at ScaleDB Inc. He has worked at Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, and he has served as CTO at SkySQL/MariaDB for 4 years. Prior to that, Ivan worked at MySQL AB / Sun / Oracle for 6 years. An IT veteran with 30 years of experience, he has been founder and CTO of various companies, journalist and author of technical books and publications.
  • CTO , Blackbird, (formerly PalominoDB)
    Jay was the first dedicated DBA at Twitter. He later served as the lead database engineer at Obama for America during the 2012 election. Currently, he's the CTO for Blackbird, (formerly PalominoDB), a boutique database consulting firm.
  • Managing Principal Architect , Percona
    Jay Janssen started using MySQL in the 3.23 days, but honed his skills during 7 years at Yahoo as a High Availability Consultant specializing in MySQL. He joined Percona in 2011 and is a Managing Consultant there specializing in Percona XtraDB Cluster and High Availability architectures. He tweets at @jayjanssen