Valerii Kravchuk

Principal Support Engineer, Percona

Valerii joined Percona in September 2012 as a Principal Support Engineer. Before that Valerii worked in the Bugs Verification group of MySQL Support team at MySQL AB/Sun/Oracle for more than seven years. During all this time he processed bugs at He had also worked on complex support issues, coordinated cooperation of MySQL Support with optimizer, GUI tools and some other development teams. Later he was also responsible for decision making from Support side on bug fixing in all MySQL GA versions. Before joining MySQL AB Valerii worked as software developer, trainer, system administrator and DBA for Oracle and Informix databases. Valerii got a degree in Mathematics from the Moscow State University back in 1992. He currently lives with his family in the small town of Vyshgorod near Kyiv, Ukraine.

Submitted Sessions

MySQL 5.6 GA presented a lot of new features for both DBAs and developers, notable performance and scalability improvements, new security and monitoring features, and new query optimization methods. Most of them come with certain limitations and bugs though, and some of them requires DBAs to change their usual problem solving approaches. So it makes sense to discuss what DBAs and developers... [read more]

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