Timour Katchaounov

Query Optimizer Developer, Monty Program AB

Timour has worked on the MySQL/MariaDB optimizer since 2004. Some of the projects he implemented are a greedy query optimizer and subquery materialization. He also worked on re-engineering and other optimizer projects. Before joining MySQL, he received a Ph.D. in database technology from Uppsala University, Sweden. During his studies he contributed code to the federated query optimizer of IBM's DB2.

Submitted Sessions

How can you tell if queries in your application use good query plans? And if they don't, is there any way to force the query optimizer to use a good query plan?

This tutorial aims to give an all-around answer. We will:

show how to find queries which use expensive query plans, discuss possible reasons why the optimizer can make poor query plan choices, show how to determine what... [read more]

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