Rick James

MySQL Geek, Yahoo! Inc.

12 years of MySQL experience; decades of other experience. Prolific contributor to MySQL forums. Overseeing performance of many of Yahoo!'s MySQL instances. Experienced with architecting, designing, and developing of large-scale Web and non-Web applications using MySQL.

Submitted Sessions

A fast-paced list of one-liners -- MySQL Tips, RoTs, Hints, and Best Practice.

These are distilled from watching MySQL users -- from newbies to experts -- successfully (or unsuccessfully) tune, index, optimize, and query.
Some you already know; some you have been wondering about; and some will surprise you.

Indexing is a black art? Not really. But there are a lot of subtle issues and interactions to learn.

This tutorial presents virtually everything there is to know about indexes. It takes the "cookbook" approach of saying "this SELECT begs for this INDEX", then deep dives into "why".

This lecture moderately fast-paced. The novice will learn the basics that demystify INDEX... [read more]

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