Francisco Bordenave

MySQL Consultant, Percona

Born and working from Argentina, I've more than 7 years of experience working as DBA, I've been started with SQL Server 2000 then moved to MySQL from 4.1 and going through latest releases. I'm currently working as a MySQL Consultant at Percona, active collaborator of Argentina groups, I've been speaking in Argentinian conferences and also have participated as speaker in PLMCE 2013.

Submitted Sessions

Replication is a powerful feature of MySQL that makes it possible to bring up copies of a master database for different purposes: backups, high availability, scaling, and so on. One of the greatest benefits of MySQL Replication is simplicity. It is easy to set up and maintain, but why do so many DBAs out there struggle with replication errors, trying to fix data discrepancies between master... [read more]

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