Domas Mituzas

Database Engineer, Facebook

Domas is a member of Facebook database performance team. In past he volunteered for Wikipedia and worked at Sun Microsystems and MySQL.

Submitted Sessions

MySQL has come a long way in the past few years. But technology alone isn't sufficient. This required a good product (MySQL), good people and good process. We will explain how MySQL has remained relevant for Facebook. Bring your questions too as Facebook's MySQL performance team will be on hand to answer questions.
This will start of with a short presentation at the start and then a Q... [read more]

Facebook social graph persists in multiple datacenters - and replicating it all around has been a performance challenge and bottleneck.
This talk covers field experiences of having high throughput replication requirements while serving massive scale and load environment.

From various naive prefetching methods to:

Faker & InnoDB Fake Changes Multi-instance replication... [read more]

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