Ben Black

DBA, Tango

For the past 15 years, Ben has been a DBA, developer, and Sys Admin working on high volume production systems at Garmin, PalominoDB, and Tango.

Submitted Sessions

Whether adding indexes, altering enums, changing datatypes or reorganizing tables - there are right and wrong ways when production is involved. In this session, we will go over common operations implemented in production, discuss their impacts, and appropriate strategies for minimizing downtime and customer impact to systems.

* Fast operations including index adds and enum list changes... [read more]

For the next three hours, Palomino is going to talk about our successes and failures across a number of different AWS hosted environments. We're going to show you how to build your MySQL environment in the cloud -- how to maintain it -- how to grow it -- and how to deal with failure. Some of the specific topics we'll cover are:

1. How to choose RDS or EC2?
2. Balancing performance... [read more]

This will cover common tasks in RDS and gotchas for DBA's that are new to RDS.

1) Intro to RDS
a) security groups
b) parameter groups
c) setting things up correctly

2) Command line RDS tool
a) how to make administration faster and repeatable

3) Limitations of RDS and how to work around them.
a) slow query logs
b)... [read more]

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