Anders Karlsson

Principal Sales Engineer, MariaDB

After some 15 years with commercial databases as consultant, Sales Engineer and in many other roles, I joined mySQL in 2004 to work as a Sales Engineer. In 2010 I decided I needed some more technical experience, so I join Recorded Future as database Architect. After 2 years with that, I realized I missed the close customer contacts and decided to join SkySQL, again as Sales Engineer. In 2014 SkySQL completed the merged with Monty Program, creating MariaDB Corp, which is where I now work.

Submitted Sessions

If you are an experienced MySQL DBA and want to get started with MySQL in the Amazon cloud? This is what this talk is about. But how difficult can it be, really? Frankly, not that difficult and here we look at the options you have, including, but not limited to:
- Setting up instances for MySQL.
- Why you want to use EBS disks and how to get started with them.
- Using EBS... [read more]

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