Ryan Huddleston

Director of Remote DBA, Percona

Ryan has been working with MySQL extensively since 2001. He was previously a member of the MySQL customer advisory board for from 2003-2008. His specialties include MySQL backups, replication and optimizer as well as query tuning. One focus has been on adding enterprise reliability and features to MySQL, which includes helping design and sponsoring dozens of MySQL features throughout the years. Ryan's prior work included database and systems architecture as well as systems automation. He created a reliable and scalable database architecture that served billions of page turns each month with 99.998% reliability. In his current role as Director of Percona Remote DBA he is focused on creating a platform that brings customers that same level of service.

Submitted Sessions

A reliable backup and recovery system can be the difference between a minor outage and the end of a business. But what if you don’t have the resources to adequately address this critical need? Join Ryan Huddleston, Percona’s Director of Remote DBA services, as he shares how Percona’s Remote DBA service is helping customers prevent disaster scenarios by performing reliable backups, in addition... [read more]

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