Massimiliano Pinto

Senior Software Engineer, MariaDB Corporation

Massimiliano has worked for almost 15 years in Web Companies playing the roles of Technical Leader and Software Engineer. Prior to joining SkySQL/MariaDB he worked at Banzai Group and Matrix S.p.A, big players in the Italy Web Industry. He is still a guy who likes too much the terminal window on his Mac. Apache modules and PHP extensions skills are included as well.

Submitted Sessions

How can you create a template for deploying a Highly Available database in the Amazon EC2 Cloud? How can you get redundancy and automated failover, all based on standard Open Source components?

The solution describes how to use Pacemaker and Corosync for control, and how to use Elastic IP address, Elastic Block Storage and EC2 Linux instances in Amazon.

With the template, you... [read more]

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