Paul Vallee

Founder & Executive Chairman, Pythian

Paul Vallée founded Pythian, his fourth company, at the age of 25. From its modest beginnings of two employees and a couple of laptops, the company has grown to a team of more than 220 with offices in North America, Europe and Asia. Pythian houses one of the world's largest concentrations of dedicated, full-time DBA expertise, specializing in Oracle, Oracle Applications, MySQL, SQL Server and systems administration for UNIX/LINUX and Windows Platforms. In these past fifteen years since Pythian's founding, Paul has been at the helm of the company through staggering growth, creating a special environment where the industry's best minds want to work and where the industry's toughest problems naturally flow.

Submitted Sessions

Drawing from a person-millienia of supervisory experience gained at Pythian, and in-depth research on human reliability in the fields of civil aviation, healthcare and nuclear safety, this session leads the audience through a compelling and vivid description of the stakes at hand in database operations, what we can learn from more mature fields of production engineering, and how to apply and... [read more]

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