Justin Swanhart

Principal Support Engineer @Percona, Percona / Shard-Query / Flexviews

Justin is a systems architect. His most recent software development project is Shard-Query. His other interests include data warehousing, materialized views, and OLAP analysis. He also created and maintains Flexviews, a materialized view toolkit for MySQL.

Submitted Sessions

The Percona Toolkit includes pt-query-digest, which can distill queries into a fingerprint. It is possible to use the tool to mark fingerprints as having been 'reviewed'. Most applications have a small number of query fingerprints, and thus new fingerprints can indicate SQL injection attacks. This talk will explain how to use pt-query-digest over logs and in real-time via a proxy to detect... [read more]

Is MySQL training a cost or an investment? Some companies view training as a cost, one that takes employees away from work. Percona views MySQL training as an investment. The employee that attends our MySQL training will return to their job equipped with new knowledge of best practices catered to address their unique MySQL challenges, reducing downtime while avoiding unnecessary costs by... [read more]

You may have heard that there are performance benefits to using a column store instead of a row store. Column stores have become popular in closed source databases but they have recently become available in open source projects as well.

This talk will introduce the concept of column stores and contrast them with row stores. It will then introduce a set of open source column store... [read more]

Amazon EC2 and other cloud providers now provide large machines with SSD disks. But is one big server with lots of very fast storage the best option for queries that have to access large volumes of data (OLAP)? The large server is limited to 64GB and MySQL queries are single threaded. Perhaps spreading your data over eight 17.1GB servers might cost the same(or less) and perform significantly... [read more]

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