Henrik Ingo

Solution Architect, MongoDB

Henrik Ingo is a Solutions Architect at MongoDB Inc. Prior to that he worked as MySQL specialist in various companies. You may have seen his blog at openlife.cc.

Submitted Sessions

Increasingly location based features are becoming an important part of apps and websites. Do you want to show me which of my friends are close, or perhaps what interesting places or events I might find nearby? This is where spatial functions and indexes enter the discussion. MySQL 5.6 finally brings us so called exact GIS functions. This is a big deal because it makes all the difference... [read more]

Building a High-Availability database system is hard. It's not enough to just provide a pair of redundant servers, you also need to make the data redundant, while protecting data integrity. A long standing discussion item in this context is the difficulty of implementing the failover. Should you use automated failover or is it wiser to use manual failover? If you use an active-active cluster... [read more]

Like many things in MySQL, choosing a high-availability solution for MySQL has traditionally been an exercise in tradeoffs. There are many alternatives to choose from. Many good enough - none perfect?

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