You know SSD’s make MySQL fast, but do you know why?

Utilizing Hardware
23 April 1:20pm - 2:10pm @ Ballroom H

Everybody knows SSDs make MySQL faster because they are fast. But the story doesn’t end there. We will share what we’ve learned about the mechanics of MySQL performance on SSD’s. Our analysis will shed light on some interesting questions, such as: Why do some SSDs perform better with MySQL than others? Why does relative IO performance not always correlate to MySQL performance? Exactly which characteristics of SSD’s matter to MySQL? What causes the big gap between what high end SSDs are capable of and what MySQL can actually drive? How can MySQL evolve to get more benefit out of SSDs?


Jared Hulbert
Software Research Manager, Micron
Jared’s pioneering work on a holistic approach to therapy is starting to solve real world relationship issues between Micron enterprise SSD’s and the applications they love. Lifeless monochrome cubicles at Intel, Numonyx, and now Micron have all stored his gear over the past decade while he merrily hacked at the Linux kernel and solved memory performance issues.