When you Scale Out how to Scale In by Increasing Density using Raided SSD

Trends in Architecture and Design
24 April 11:10am - 12:00pm @ Ballroom F

Sharding-splitting data for a single database server onto many database servers is a method to scale horizontally and is needed to get more disk IOPS from a mechanical harddrive server architecture. Its a method that works yet has pitfalls which this session talks about. The main focus is what happens when Solid State Disk Drives replaces traditional mechanical harddrives (spinning metal) in a sharded environment and answers to questions like

How much more IOPS with SSD
What Raid Levels and Controllers work for certain SSD drives
How do you migrate data from shards to increase density on SSD Shards
Why Multi Mysql Instances per SSD server is great.
How INNODB compression really helps in an SSD environment


Dathan Pattishall
Since 1999 I have learned and given back to the mySQL community, before replication was stable, when myISAM was the Hot storage engine and new over ISAM. I frequently give talks and help people to understand how mySQL can help them. I mainly deal with scale but the entire LAMP stack is my domain. From CSS down to Kernel tweaks is my contribution to FriendFinder, Friendster, Flickr, RockYou, SchoolFeed, Weebly to you!