Verifying MySQL Replication Integrity with pt-table-checksum

25 April 3:00pm - 3:50pm @ Ballroom G

pt-table-checksum is a free tool which safely and efficiently verifies that data on MySQL replicas is identical to the master. Having inconsistent data on MySQL replicas is a well-known and rather common problem, yet many people who depend on MySQL replication never check for it. Moreover, inconsistent data can be an expensive problem, but the solution is free: pt-table-checksum.

If you use MySQL replication but do not verify that data on replicas is the same as the master, then this session is for you. In it, you will learn:

  • Why inconsistent data can be an expensive problem (and why you should check for it)
  • Why pt-table-checksum is the right tool for detecting inconsistent data
  • How to use pt-table-checksum (in brief)
  • Four things to avoid that make pt-table-checksum sad
  • What pt-table-checksum does under the hood

With this knowledge, you will be able to use pt-table-checksum immediately and confidently to verify that data on your replicas is consistent with the master.

About pt-table-checksum

pt-table-checksum was created in 2007 by Baron Schwartz as part of Maatkit. The tool is extensively tested, and it has been used widely in real-world environments. In 2011, pt-table-checksum 2.0 was created as part of Percona Toolkit, the successor to Maatkit. pt-table-chekcsum 2.0 is a major advancement: faster, simpler, more reliable, able to do more work with less system resources. The tool is free, open source, and developed by Percona.

About the Speaker

Daniel Nichter has developed pt-table-checksum and other tools since he began working at Percona in 2008. pt-table-chekcsum 2.0 was designed by Baron Schwartz and coded by Daniel.


Daniel Nichter
Software Architect, Percona
Daniel started making tools for MySQL in 2004. At the time, almost no MySQL tools existed publicly. In 2005 he created where he published tools and white papers about MySQL performance, query optimization, and internals. Daniel joined Percona in July 2008 to work on Maatkit, a suite of command-line tools for MySQL which is now Percona Toolkit. At the 2010 MySQL Conference & Expo, he was named the Community Contributor of the Year for his work on Maatkit. 10+ years later, Daniel is still developing tools for MySQL at Percona, and other database-related projects.