Securing MySQL Databases - Best Practices

Database Administration
23 April 11:30am - 12:20pm @ Ballroom C

MySQL database security is essential for today’s businesses that store sensitive records on their databases. It includes processes, procedures and tools that protect a database from unwelcome activity such as authenticated misuse, malicious attacks, and inadvertent mistakes made by authorized individuals or processes.
GreenSQL will present latest best practices in securing MySQL databases:

- Dynamic Data Masking - How you can enable personally identifiable infomation (PII) to be hidden in real time from unauthorized users such as developers and CRM users
- Separation of Duties - sto SQL Injection attacks and blocks unauthorized database access, providign full separation-of-duties
- Security in the Cloud
- Remote users

Further more, GreenSQL’s can discuss the following topics, found by us to be some of the most important measures to be implemented:
1. Secure the total environment including the OS and network
2. Ensure service packs, patches, and versions of the OS and MySQL are current
3. Limit database permissions, segregate users, and regularly assess user privileges
4. Limit physical and internal access to servers
5. Secure and audit applications that access MySQL® databases
6. Configure error reporting so that it is restricted solely to internal users
7. Isolate the Web server
8. Implement and enforce secure password standards
9. Back up databases and secure the backups
10. Use stored procedures for performing access on the application’s behalf


David Maman
David is a recognized international expert in computer security advising companies on threat management, real-time network protection, advanced network design, and security architecture. David has founded a number of high-tech start-up companies, including Vanadium-Soft, Preacos, and Moksai. As a senior technology director at Fortinet, a leading international IT security firm, David provided consulting services to global businesses and opened new international regions. He was the information security manager for Bezeq, a national telecommunications company, and the chief scientist at Ofek, a leading Israeli IT and security consulting firm. In addition to his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science, David confesses to being heavily self-taught—a quality that has served him well in this highly dynamic industry. David often lectures at international security events, including the last RSA Conference 2013.