Scaling Pinterest - The Next Stage

Trends in Architecture and Design
25 April 1:50pm - 2:40pm @ Ballroom C

Pinterest's traffic has grown 10x since we gave this talk last year. Sit back and relax while we take you on a tour of the next stage of our architectural evolution. We'll focus on the issues we faced, lessons learned, and resulting solutions put in place to handle our continued rapid growth and expansion. In particular, we'll cover modifications to the architecture to accommodate higher reliability, greater scalability, and a rapidly increasing engineering organization, and we'll discuss what has worked really well and stayed the same. Additionally, we'll briefly touch on our logging and map-reduce infrastructure, spam and security mechanisms, deployment tools, and background task management system.


Marty Weiner
Software Architect and Engineer, Pinterest
Marty is one of a small handful of engineers at who scaled the site from a few thousand users to millions of users.
Yashh Nelapati
Engineer, Pinterest
Yash Nelapati is an infrastructure engineer at Pinterest where he focusses on scalability, capacity planning and architecure. Prior to pinterest he was into web development and rapidly prototyping UI.