Rick's RoTs (Rules of Thumb)

Developing Applications
24 April 1:00pm - 1:50pm @ Ballroom C

A fast-paced list of one-liners -- MySQL Tips, RoTs, Hints, and Best Practice.

These are distilled from watching MySQL users -- from newbies to experts -- successfully (or unsuccessfully) tune, index, optimize, and query.
Some you already know; some you have been wondering about; and some will surprise you.

Topics covered:
SELECTs-do's & don'ts; INDEXing; ENGINE diffs; Optimizations (or not); PARTITIONing; Memory Usage; Character sets; Datatypes - internal and artificial; Hardware; and Data Warehousing.

Your takeaways include a dozen tidbits you did not know; some of them directly applicable to development, tuning, DBAing, optimizing, etc.



Rick James
MySQL Geek, Yahoo! Inc.
12 years of MySQL experience; decades of other experience. Prolific contributor to MySQL forums. Overseeing performance of many of Yahoo!'s MySQL instances. Experienced with architecting, designing, and developing of large-scale Web and non-Web applications using MySQL.