myq_gadgets - Simple scripts to expose the inner workings of your MySQL server

Database Administration
23 April 3:50pm - 4:40pm @ Ballroom G

myq_gadgets is an open source toolkit of perl scripts I wrote long ago to help me more easily observe rates of change of global status variables in MySQL in an IO-stat style output.

This talk will introduce these tools and illustrate ways they can be helpful in monitoring and diagnosing MySQL issues with replication, Innodb, the query cache, application / database interaction, and more.


Jay Janssen
Managing Principal Architect, Percona
Jay Janssen started using MySQL in the 3.23 days, but honed his skills during 7 years at Yahoo as a High Availability Consultant specializing in MySQL. He joined Percona in 2011 and is a Managing Consultant there specializing in Percona XtraDB Cluster and High Availability architectures. He tweets at @jayjanssen