Managing MySQL with Chef

24 April 4:30pm - 5:20pm @ Ballroom A

Setting up database resources on the cloud is something that lends itself well to being automated. One such solution to this automation is Chef. Chef is an open-source systems integration framework and is used for automating system deployment on the cloud. Learning chef is important to knowing how to take advantage of it's power, and is something especially important for DBAs to become familiarized with and comfortable using in today's cloud environments which are becoming much more commonplace.

The purpose of this talk is to show DBAs and other database users how chef can be used to deploy database resources -- from the vantage point of a DBA who has had to learn Chef from scratch. Learn how provisioning servers, migrate system changes and perform database tuning in an automated manner, and how this can make your job as a DBA much easier as well as extend your skillset.


Patrick Galbraith
Senior Systems Engineer, Hewlett Packard
Patrick Galbraith is a principal engineer at HP in the Advanced Technology Group. He is the author or two books: “Developing Web Applications with Apache, MySQL, memcached, and Perl” (Wiley) “Expert PHP and MySQL” (Wiley) In his “spare time”, he also maintains DBD::mysql, DBD::drizzle, FederatedX storage engine and the Memcached Functions for MySQL as well as tinkering with various other OpenSource and OpenStack projects. Patrick lives up in the sticks of New Hampshire with his wife Ruth and son Kiran, daughter Sara, lots of trees and rocks, as well as his Kubota tractor.
Peter Boros
Principal Architect, Percona
Peter joined the European consulting team in May 2012. Before joining Percona, among many other things, he worked at Sun Microsystems, specialized there in performance tuning and was a DBA at Hungary's largest social networking site. He also taught many Oracle University MySQL courses. He has been using and working with open source software from early 2000s. Peter's first and foremost professional interest is performance tuning. He currently lives in Budapest, Hungary with his wife and son.