Introduction to Sharding with Jetpants

25 April 11:00am - 11:50am @ Ballroom F

Partitioning your database for the first time can be a rather stressful endeavor. This session provides a walkthrough of how to initially shard your MySQL infrastructure in a more pleasant way by leveraging the Jetpants toolkit. Open sourced by Tumblr in 2012, Jetpants provides easy-to-use automation for managing complex tasks in a partitioned MySQL environment.

We'll start by discussing common strategies such as functional partitioning and range-based sharding, covering a checklist of application requirements and how to avoid common pitfalls. Next, you will learn how to install, configure, and customize Jetpants to integrate it with your site's infrastructure. Finally, I'll explain how to use Jetpants to clone slaves, perform master promotions, and rebalance shards with a single command-line invocation each.

This session is geared towards sharding first-timers, but the material will also be useful for attendees looking to integrate Jetpants into an already-partitioned environment.


Evan Elias
MySQL Database Engineer, Facebook
Evan is a Database Engineer on Facebook's MySQL Operations team, where he writes automation software supporting the world's largest MySQL installation. Prior to Facebook, Evan was one of Tumblr's first engineers, where he led the Database Engineering team and scaled the site's MySQL backend. He is the creator of Jetpants, an open-source sharding and database management toolkit. Evan previously worked at Six Apart and Harvard University, and has been developing online software since the days of dial-up bulletin board systems.