Introduction to open source column stores

Trends in Architecture and Design
24 April 3:30pm - 4:20pm @ Ballroom C

You may have heard that there are performance benefits to using a column store instead of a row store. Column stores have become popular in closed source databases but they have recently become available in open source projects as well.

This talk will introduce the concept of column stores and contrast them with row stores. It will then introduce a set of open source column store databases. The available features of each of the databases will be compared and contrasted. Finally the performance of loading a star schema and executing some mildly complex queries will be compared for each database, and the results will be compared with XtraDB, a row store.

The following open source products will be demonstrated and compared:
Infobright Community Edition
XtraDB (row store)


Justin Swanhart
Principal Support Engineer @Percona, Percona / Shard-Query / Flexviews
Justin is a systems architect. His most recent software development project is Shard-Query. His other interests include data warehousing, materialized views, and OLAP analysis. He also created and maintains Flexviews, a materialized view toolkit for MySQL.