High Noon in the Cloud – Continuent Tungsten vs. Amazon RDS

Cloud and Virtualization
23 April 3:50pm - 4:40pm @ Ballroom H

Amazon RDS provides a simple starting point for running MySQL in Amazon AWS. Ironically, because it is so simple RDS has limitations that make it a less than ideal choice for business critical applications.

Continuent’s Tungsten is database-as-a-service (DBaaS) solution that offers an open and transparent approach to providing a highly available and scalable database service. Continuent Tungsten data service is a portable DBaaS for all of today’s public clouds, for private cloud solutions like OpenStack and VMware, and for on-premises environments. Continuent Tungsten runs with any version of MySQL without changes to applications.

This talk describes the differences between RDS and Continuent Tungsten and presents case studies from Continuent customers who have standardized on Continuent Tungsten data services to provide local and cross-region clustering and to solve challenging load balancing problems.


Edward Archibald
CTO, Continuent
Edward Archibald, CTO, brings over 25 years of distributed systems architecture and engineering experience. Prior to Continuent, he was the Sr. Director of Data Services at Moody's Analytics, the DBMS connectivity lead at Forte Software, and was responsible for architecture, design and engineering leadership for a number of innovative DBMS and middleware solutions at Sybase, including Replication Server and Open Server 2.0.