Failover, or not Failover, that is the question.

Replication and High Availability Strategies
25 April 12:50pm - 13:40pm @ Ballroom B

Building a High-Availability database system is hard. It's not enough to just provide a pair of redundant servers, you also need to make the data redundant, while protecting data integrity. A long standing discussion item in this context is the difficulty of implementing the failover. Should you use automated failover or is it wiser to use manual failover? If you use an active-active cluster then you have no failover, how about that?

In this talk we will cover this problem space from all angles:

Do you failover or not failover?
Fast failover or slow failover?
Automated failover or manual failover?
With automated failover, are you being careful or careless about it?
In some systems there is no failover!


Massimo Brignoli
Product Manager, SkySQL AB
Engineering Manager for the biggest italian web portals, pioneer of Internet in Italy and specialized in massive scalability architectures and in search engines, he joined MySQL in 2007 as sales consultant for mission critical and high available environments in the telecom market. Massimo now is product manager in SkySQL.
Henrik Ingo
Solution Architect, MongoDB
Henrik Ingo is a Solutions Architect at MongoDB Inc. Prior to that he worked as MySQL specialist in various companies. You may have seen his blog at