A backup today saves you tomorrow

Database Administration
23 April 1:20pm - 2:10pm @ Ballroom A

Whether you’re working with MySQL, MySQL Cluster, or any other RDBMS, every database with a requirement for persistent data should always have a backup. As a Production DBA you’re the insurance policy to safeguard the data. Bad things do happen. Backups are your safety net to ensure you always have a way to recover should the worst happen and the database becomes irreparable. Failing to retrieve a consistent backup when you need it most can be a very career limiting move, so no matter what backup method you choose always remember to test your backups!

There a number of ways to produce a consistent backup of MySQL, in this talk we'll look at the pro's and con's of a variety of well known and lesser known backup solutions and frameworks available to MySQL, how the MySQL architecture and configuration can impact backups, how your recovery point and time objectives can influence your backup strategy, as well as automated ways you can test your backups are valid.


Ben Mildren
Remote DBA, Percona
Ben currently works as a Remote DBA for Percona, previous roles have included Team Technical Lead at Pythian, and Senior DBA at Nokia.
Andrew Moore
MySQL DBA, Pythian