Accelerating Real-Time Analytics with Clustrix

Best Practices for Businesses
24 April 3:30pm - 4:20pm @ Ballroom H

Businesses that can make superior decisions in real-time are going to beat their competition. This is the primary challenge and opportunity of analytics.

An example of this is in the online advertising market, where companies must choose and serve the best ads in milliseconds. This requires running analytics on the latest data in the primary database, while it's running transactions.

Clustrix distributed SQL database is known for linear scaling of transactions. Over the last year, we have built Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) for analytic queries, making Clustrix the only row-based SQL database with this capability. This brings the same linear scalability to analytics, allowing you to speed up analytic queries simply by adding nodes.

In this session, we will see how leading integrated-media advertising company, Engage:BDR, sped up queries from over 4 hours to only 15 seconds and explore the innovations behind the real-time analytics capabilities, the new deployment options of DBaaS and AWS, and the evolving SQL and NewSQL database landscape.


Raj Bains
Product Architect, Clustrix, Inc.
Raj is lead Product Architect at Clustrix focusing on product management and database engineering. Before Clustrix, he led the team and co-architected Financial Contract Definition Language, VM, and compiler at RMS. His background includes high performance computing, languages, and compilers at NVIDIA and Microsoft.
Ken Kwan
CTO, EngageBDR
Kenneth is the CTO of EngageBDR, where he guides the companies use of various technologies for future growth. Kenneth has leveraged various technologies (including Clustrix) in order to achieve scalability while minimizing costs. Before EngageBDR, he led the technology efforts for three startups and has achieved profitability within a quarter for each of those companies. Kenneth believes that great customer service paired with stable, reliable, and scalable platforms is the key to achieving positive cash flow in the shortest amount of time. He is also an avid scuba diver who swims with large sharks.