Accelerating MySQL in Open Source Hyperscale Systems

Best Practices for Businesses
24 April 11:10am - 12:00pm @ Ballroom H

Nearly 20 years after MySQL entered the market, the legacy of open source systems it inspired, along with its LAMP counterparts, has finally taken hold. In recent years, more companies than ever are taking advantage of open source software and hardware – especially in hyperscale environments. Performance gains achieved through recent innovations have helped prove open source can beat closed, proprietary systems when it comes to real world performance.

This session will share how MySQL performance, like that delivered by Percona Server, can be improved through open source hardware and new APIs like atomic writes, which allows applications to directly address flash as memory, bypassing disk-era code. Attendees will learn how these two components are being used in the hyperscale to accelerate the apps that run our world.


Torben Mathiasen
Principal Application Architect, Fusion-io
Torben Mathiasen is an application architect at Fusion-io, where he spends his time tuning and evaluating software stacks for optimal performance and reliability. Prior to joining Fusion-io, he spent 11 years at Hewlett-Packard, architecting firmware for the ProLiant BladeServer portfolio. He also held a senior system architect position at Prevas, designing the next generation embedded systems for use by customers around the globe. He has made contributions to the Linux kernel in areas like ethernet, PCI-X and storage controller drivers.