• CTO , EngageBDR
    Kenneth is the CTO of EngageBDR, where he guides the companies use of various technologies for future growth. Kenneth has leveraged various technologies (including Clustrix) in order to achieve scalability while minimizing costs. Before EngageBDR, he led the technology efforts for three startups and has achieved profitability within a quarter for each of those companies. Kenneth believes that great customer service paired with stable, reliable, and scalable platforms is the key to achieving positive cash flow in the shortest amount of time. He is also an avid scuba diver who swims with large sharks.
  • MySQL Practice Manager , Percona
    Kenny is currently MySQL Practice Manager at Percona.
  • Co-Founder, CEO , SolaceClub
    Laine Campbell has been working in production database infrastructures since 1999. She has led global teams of DBAs supporting infrastructures for some of the most active and well known e-commerce, online media and gaming companies in the last 17 years. She is one of two authors currently writing O'Reilly's new Database Reliability Engineering book. Certified in ITIL, with a strong operations background, she believes in the importance of solid operations processes and a committed relationship with business and engineering teams in order to succeed. Laine started Palomino in 2007 and spent 7 years focused on building a professional, proactive and passionate team of DBAs and Engineers for Palomino's clientele. In January of 2014, she formed Blackbird.io, a collaboration of DevOps and DBA services. With rapid growth and a huge opportunity ahead, Blackbird.io was acquired by the Pythian family. Laine is currently exploring business ideas and writing in Las Vegas.
  • Percona Server Lead , Percona
    Laurynas joined Percona in 2011 as a member of the Percona Server, Percona XtraDB and Percona XtraBackup development group. Before coming to Percona, Laurynas was a PhD student at Aalborg University, in Denmark, where he did research on physical database indexes.
  • Vice President of Marketing , Tokutek
    Mr. Schwartz has over 15 years of experience in data and information systems as an engineer, marketer, and P&L manager. He has been a featured speaker at the Percona MySQL Conference, Storage Networking World, Data Center World, and the Flash Memory Summit, has done broadcast interviews with O’Reilly and Silicon Angle, and has been quoted in DBTA, CTO Edge, Wired, Xconomy, and MIT’s Tech Review. He joins Tokutek from E Ink, where he oversaw marketing and product management and led an international integration with PVI, who acquired E Ink in 2009. Before E Ink, he spent 5 years at EMC leading Symmetrix marketing, including the rollout of enterprise SSD systems. He currently serves on the Steering Committee for Big Data for the MassTLC and is Chair of the Multi-Tenancy Committee for the Cloud Council of Seven. Lawrence is the author of several patents, and holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an MBA from Harvard Business School.
  • Senior Software Engineer , Continuent Inc.
    Linas has extensive experience in developing heterogeneous replication solutions between MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL. Implemented support for MySQL to Oracle/PostgreSQL/Greenplum replication and, also, replication POC from PostgreSQL to other DBMS. In addition to developing, he's helping heterogeneous replication customers get deployed. Before joining Continuent, Linas was Head of IT at FBC "Finasta".
  • Head of Technical Account Management , Percona
    Liz joined Percona after spending 5 years as a performance consultant for a University research lab in Belgium. During this time, she spent most of her days measuring and trying to reduce the impact of virtualized environments all across the software stack. Optimizing software became something of an obsession, and MySQL found its special place in her heart soon after. Liz has spoken and led tutorials on DBA best practices multiple times at past Percona Live events.
  • Principal Software Engineer , Oracle
    Luís Soares is a Principal Software Engineer and the MySQL Replication Team lead at Oracle. His research interests include replication technologies, dependable systems and high availability. Before joining the MySQL team, he was both a post-graduate student and a researcher at the University of Minho, Portugal, where he designed and implemented group-based replication protocols. Before that, he worked for a Portuguese multi-national company as a system analyst.
  • MySQL Team Leader , Pythian
    Marco Tusa had his own international practice for the past twenty four years. His experience and expertise are in a wide variety of information technology and information management fields of application and cover research, development, analysis, quality control and project management. Marco Tusa has recently moved from Italy to Ottawa and is currently at Pythian as employee, coordinating the MySQL team's activities world wide. He has being working as employee for the SUN Microsystems as MySQL Professional Service manager for South Europe. He has worked with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation since 1994, leading the development of the Organization’s hyper textual environment.Also acting as project leader for the FAO corporate database support. For several years he has led the development group in the WAICENT/Faoinfo team. He has assisted in defining the Organization’s guidelines for the dissemination of information from the technology and the management point of view. He has acted as coordinator between WAICENT and other departments; he has been a member of the FAO Information Management and Technology Committee since 1999. He designed and lead the development of some of the main web related FAO projects such as: AGRIS; AGROVOC; FAO Document Repository; INPhO; Country Profile. He also designed and developed the FAO web publishing architecture including the design and development of almost all the web related databases. He has participated in field missions in order to perform analysis, reviews and evaluation of the status of local projects, providing local support and advice. He has participated in the design of the Ethiopian National Agriculture Information System (NAIS). He collaborates with MIT Media Lab (Massachusetts Institute of Technology laboratory) and FAO as Sustainable Information Technology for developing countries Specialist in relation with the FAO’s Special Program for Food Security for Senegal. Specialties Project Management - Database Analysis implementation management (Oracle, MySQL MSSql) - Application design and development
  • Principal Technical Services Engineer , Percona
    After 12 years working as a PHP/JS developer for local and remote firms, Marcos decided to pursuit true love and become full time DBA, so he has been doing MySQL Support at Percona for the past 6 years providing lead web properties with advise on anything-MySQL and in-depth system performance diagnostic help.
  • Director of Open Source Engagement , Hewlett Packard Enterprise
    Mark Atwood is the Director of Open Source Engagement at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. He has been deeply involved in open standards and open source practice since the late 80s. He describes his work as "learning amazing stuff and meeting amazing people, and then introducing them all to each other".
  • Software Engineer, Database Infrastructure , Facebook
    Mark's focus is on making databases perform better. He used to lead the MySQL development team at Facebook and prior to that led the MySQL development team at Google. He also worked at Oracle, Identity Engines and Informix on database internals. Mark has an MS in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  • MySQL Team Lead , Pythian
    With years of experience as a MySQL DBA, Mark has direct experience administrating everything from multinational corporations to tiny web startups. He leads a global team of talented DBAs to identify performance bottlenecks and provide consistent daily operations.
  • Vice President , JumpMind, Inc.
    Mark Hanes is a founding member of JumpMind Inc. and currently focuses on software development and development management at JumpMind. Prior to joining JumpMind, Mark performed software architecture and development work for many years for a variety of companies both large and small, with a recent emphasis on retail and telecommunications. He has also taught Computer Science and Electrical Engineering courses both full- and part-time at the Bachelor's level for a number of years. Mark graduated from The Ohio State University with a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering.
  • Staff Engineer , Dianomic Systems
    Mark has worked in the computer industry for almost 30 years, this has included many roles in various software companies developing network and imaging applications. Mark is currently working at Diatomic Systems as an architect and senior engineer on industrial IoT products we an empathises on data management for IoT. Prior to that he was a staff engineer at VMware working on the database implementation within vCloud Air, he also worked for SkySQL, now known as MariaDB Corporation, in the engineering department. Here he designed and implemented database tools and the MaxScale database proxy. Previously he was at Sybase as chief designer and project leader for the ASE kernel development team, where he re-architected the ASE kernel.
  • Software Architect and Engineer , Pinterest
    Marty is one of a small handful of engineers at Pinterest.com who scaled the site from a few thousand users to millions of users.
  • Senior Software Engineer , MariaDB Corporation
    Massimiliano has worked for almost 15 years in Web Companies playing the roles of Technical Leader and Software Engineer. Prior to joining SkySQL/MariaDB he worked at Banzai Group and Matrix S.p.A, big players in the Italy Web Industry. He is still a guy who likes too much the terminal window on his Mac. Apache modules and PHP extensions skills are included as well.
  • Product Manager , SkySQL AB
    Engineering Manager for the biggest italian web portals, pioneer of Internet in Italy and specialized in massive scalability architectures and in search engines, he joined MySQL in 2007 as sales consultant for mission critical and high available environments in the telecom market. Massimo now is product manager in SkySQL.
  • Research Director, Data Management and Analytics , 451 Research
    As research director for data management and analytics within 451 Research's Information Management practice, Matt has overall responsibility for the coverage of operational and analytic databases, data integration, data quality, and business intelligence. Matt's own primary area of focus is on relational and non-relational databases, data warehousing, data caching, and Hadoop. Matt is also an expert in open source software and regularly contributes to 451 Research's open source-related research. Prior to joining The 451 Group, Matt was Deputy Editor of monthly magazine Computer Business Review and ComputerWire's daily news service. Matt started in IT journalism in 1997 as a staff writer with monthly magazine Unix and NT News, where he became editor in 2000. He has also contributed to a number of other publications. Matt holds a BA in Multimedia Journalism from Bournemouth University in the UK.
  • Vice President of Professional Services , Percona
    Matt has been working with relational databases since the mid '90s as a DBA, system administrator, and all around techie. Before joining Percona, he worked at MySQL and Sun Microsystems as a Solution Architect, helping to build architectures for Fortune 500 and top Alexa-rated companies.
  • Co-Founder & VP Professional Services , MariaDB
    Max Mether, a native of Finland received his M.Sc (Eng) in Physics and Maths from Helsinki University of Technology. Max joined MySQL AB in 2001 starting as a Consultant and an Instructor and ended up creating the MySQL training program and managing the curriculum under MySQL AB and later at Sun. As a co-founder Max now manages the professional services team at MariaDB and helps advance the MySQL eco-system around the world. Max is a frequent speaker at LinuxFests and MySQL conferences around the globe.
  • Sr. Software Developer , Rackspace
    Michael is a Sr. Software Developer and OpenStack Reddwarf Community Development Lead at Rackspace focused on ensuring that Reddwarf is a world class database service for OpenStack. Michael is a proven software professional having successfully led the development and deployment of Reddwarf on the Rackspace Cloud. Michael started his career literally building the cloud before the cloud was "hip", contributing to Mosso's Cloud Sites, a combination of clustering, load-balancing, virtualization, database, and scaling solutions for the web. When not hacking on OpenStack, Michael enjoys his free time in Berkeley, California, lounging about with his wife and newborn son.
  • CEO , ScaleDB
    As CEO of ScaleDB, Mike drives the company’s strategy and execution. ScaleDB virtualizes MySQL & MariaDB, providing a cluster of database instances that appear as a single logical database to the application tier. This enables scaling of both I/O and CPU without painful sharding. Prior to ScaleDB, Mike founded ZiXXo, a Web 2.0 company he sold to Microsoft in 2007. Before that, Mike headed strategy, business development and market development for object database company, POET Software, a company he took public in 1999 and was later acquired. Mike also founded two other software companies, both of which were acquired.
  • CTO , MariaDB Foundation
    Monty has worked on the MySQL/MariaDB codebase since 1981. At least 60% of the MySQL code is still his. He is a MySQL Fellow and is the founder and CEO of Monty Program Ab and the creator of MariaDB.
  • software engineer , Facebook
    Software engineer in facebook database engineering team. Most recently worked on Online Shard Migration (OLM). Prior to that, worked on features such as online schema change (OSC) and hybrid incremental backup at Facebook.
  • Solutions Architect , VMware
    Neil Armitage, has over 20 years of experience in developing applications and managing database servers. He joined Continuent in 2012 after working with a Tungsten replication-based solution at TradingScreen and transitioned to VMware in 2014. Neil started his career as a mainframe DBA using IBM DB2. Since that time he has worked on various large scale Oracle and MySQL installations in both the banking and online gaming industries.
  • Software Engineer , Facebook
    Nizam joined Facebook Database Engineering team in 2010. Since then he has been working on improving InnoDB compression and fixing crash recovery bugs. He loves working on MySQL Source Code. Before joining Facebook, Nizam completed his Master's at MIT under the supervision of Prof Samuel Madden.
  • Senior Systems Engineer , Hewlett Packard
    Patrick Galbraith is a principal engineer at HP in the Advanced Technology Group. He is the author or two books: “Developing Web Applications with Apache, MySQL, memcached, and Perl” (Wiley) “Expert PHP and MySQL” (Wiley) In his “spare time”, he also maintains DBD::mysql, DBD::drizzle, FederatedX storage engine and the Memcached Functions for MySQL as well as tinkering with various other OpenSource and OpenStack projects. Patrick lives up in the sticks of New Hampshire with his wife Ruth and son Kiran, daughter Sara, lots of trees and rocks, as well as his Kubota tractor.
  • Founder & Executive Chairman , Pythian
    Paul Vallée founded Pythian, his fourth company, at the age of 25. From its modest beginnings of two employees and a couple of laptops, the company has grown to a team of more than 220 with offices in North America, Europe and Asia. Pythian houses one of the world's largest concentrations of dedicated, full-time DBA expertise, specializing in Oracle, Oracle Applications, MySQL, SQL Server and systems administration for UNIX/LINUX and Windows Platforms. In these past fifteen years since Pythian's founding, Paul has been at the helm of the company through staggering growth, creating a special environment where the industry's best minds want to work and where the industry's toughest problems naturally flow.
  • Principal Architect , Percona
    Peter joined the European consulting team in May 2012. Before joining Percona, among many other things, he worked at Sun Microsystems, specialized there in performance tuning and was a DBA at Hungary's largest social networking site. He also taught many Oracle University MySQL courses. He has been using and working with open source software from early 2000s. Peter's first and foremost professional interest is performance tuning. He currently lives in Budapest, Hungary with his wife and son.