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Why You Should Attend The World's Biggest Gathering of MySQL Experts

If you're considering attending this conference, or sending your team members, you're making a very wise decision. This conference is the central annual event for the entire MySQL ecosystem: developers, users, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, technology partners, and more.

In four days, this conference will significantly accelerate your goals:

  • Take your technical skills and know-how to the next level
  • Make valuable connections with hundreds of people who can help you and your company succeed
  • Recruit from the richest pool of MySQL technical talent worldwide
  • Learn what works and what doesn't from hallway conversations with experienced peers

If you're a MySQL database administrator or a developer who uses MySQL, this conference can dramatically advance your career and make you more valuable. If you're a manager or executive, sending your employees to this event can help you complete projects more quickly, with less risk and reduced long-term cost.

The question is no longer whether MySQL can perform a given task. You know it can power Internet-scale companies like Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter. You know it is reliable enough to serve as the backbone of the world's cellphone networks and stock exchanges. The question is, are you and your team skilled enough to make this happen? To attend this conference is to surround yourself with architects from companies like YouTube and PayPal, with engineers building the infrastructure behind the Amazon cloud services, with vendors on the leading edge of innovation in the MySQL world, and many more.

It's the single richest opportunity to learn at the speed of thought every year, and now it's more affordable than ever! Under O'Reilly's leadership, the annual MySQL Conference has always been a fantastic value, but Percona has lowered the price further, and obtained special block discounts on hotel rooms.

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