S.F. MySQL user group on must-see sessions

Some 50 MySQL users and aficionados were on hand at last week’s monthly gathering of the San Francisco MySQL Meetup Group where Percona CTO Vadim Tkachenko fielded questions (many centering around MySQL 5.5 and MySQL 5.6) and then offered-up two free passes to the fast-approaching Percona MySQL Conference and Expo for raffle.

“It was a very different sort of meetup than we usually have,” admitted Erin O’Neill, the group’s co-organizer. “We did a roundtable and everyone asked Vadim a lot of questions, then he asked some questions, and after that folks described what they were doing at work.”

Regarding the Percona Live event April 22-25, Erin, a DBA at AppDirect, said: “I told him I'd go to the Percona Toolkit talk for sure – and that I was still missing ‘mk-audit’ which Percona dropped!”

Erin, when pressed to list her top three Percona Live “must-see sessions” (under protest, she said, because there were far more than three), said there were:

1. "Practical Tips for using MySQL as a scalable key-value store," (“because my devs are interested,” she confessed). Led by Sunny Gleason, founder and distributed systems engineer at SunnyCloud, this presentation will provide tips for using MySQL efficiently to provide SQL functionality and reliability with NoSQL design and performance. (SunnyCloud provides high-performance application development and hosting and high-availability distributed storage solutions using Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, and Google Compute Cloud.)

2. "Creating a benchmark infrastructure that just works," (“because I'm benchmarking in the cloud,” she said). Led by Tim Callaghan, vice president of engineering at Tokutek, creators of TokuDB, the presentation will cover all of Tim’s benchmarking lessons learned and best practices to date, including: Hardware and software considerations (including physical vs. virtual); selecting benchmarks (TPC-C, Sysbench, iiBench, etc.); capturing detailed information during benchmarks; automation; storing results; visualization; trend analysis; continuous integration (monitoring the performance of future versions); and self-service (let people get the information they want).

3. “Goal-driven performance optimization for MySQL,” (because I'm currently working on benchmarking). This session, led by Percona CEO Peter Zaitsev, will start with an introduction to performance metrics that correspond to the end user's take on system performance, looking into what to measure and how to measure it. Once the metrics are defined, you’ll learn how to define current and future performance goals for the system, factoring in changing database loads and data size. You’ll then learn how to apply these principles in practice for MySQL, using the modern tools available.

“BUT,” she added, “I'm also going to hit as many of the Percona Toolkit talks as I can -- especially the BOF as I use it and I'm sure there is more to get out of them than I currently do!”

She said meeting feedback afterward was very positive and most people got a lot out of it.

“Vadim was very open and his usual honest self and we all loved having him to hammer questions to.”

You can connect with the SF MySQL Meetup Group online and follow Erin on Twitter @eonarts.