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Senior Database and System Administrator
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Singer been interested in technology and innovation since his introduction to Netrek, an early graphical multi-player Internet based game, in 1990. He received a Bachelor of Computer Science with a Minor in Theoretical Mathematics from Dalhousie University where he was first exposed to the mathematical beauty of the relational model. He worked with MySQL at Tilde Business Intelligence, a company he co-founded, where his many roles included Data Architect, MySQL DBA, and System Administrator. Since then he has served as the CTO and Data Architect of WebLink Technologies, another start-up he co-founded, and as a senior system administrator at Dalhousie University where he managed several Linux HPC clusters during his graduate studies. In the last several years, Singer has been working as a Senior Database and System Administrator at The Pythian Group (, a leading global database and application infrastructure services company, providing clients with innovation solutions for their database and system administration needs.


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