Scaling MySQL in the Cloud

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In this talk about scaling real-world mysql operations, Sebastian Stadil, founder of the open source cloud management tool Scalr, talks about how the cloud makes mysql operations easier. From automatic read scaling to create just-in-time capacity provisioning, to tooling that lets you clone cluster configuration for use as a new shard, the cloud can imbue you with godly powers.

About Scalr
Scalr is an open source cloud management tool that greases the wheels on web applications. You can think of us as a little sysadmin robot that monitors your servers. We provide automation to our clients’ operations so that they can enjoy a smooth ride over that sudden spike in traffic. And we’re smart about it too: when load increases, the robot adds server capacity; when load decreases, it powers down a few machines. It even takes backups and stores them on S3 and provides a whole bunch of other utilities—ranging from cron to raid volumes—that makes your ops more productive, whether it's just you or a whole team. Scalr comes fully equipped to handle web ops with features such as auto-scaling, high availability, fault tolerance, backups, multi-cloud deployments, and hybrid cloud bursting.

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12 April 11:00 - 11:50
Ballroom C

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12 April 11:00 - 11:50 @
Ballroom C


Sebastian Stadil's picture

Sebastian is your typical munchkin, min-maxing everything he possibly can, and applying this special know-how to Scalr. When not being a complete nerd, he runs the Silicon Valley Cloud Computing Group, consisting of about 5500 members who meet monthly to trade war stories from operating infrastructure.

Prior to founding Scalr, Sebastian had a social life and enjoyed skiing, juggling, and getting his butt kicked playing rugby.


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