Living with SQL and NoSQL at craigslist, a Pragmatic Approach


Craigslist uses a variety of data storage systems in its backend systems: in-memory, SQL, and NoSQL. This talk is an overview of how craigslist works with a focus on the data storage and management choices that were made in each of its major subsystems. These include MySQL, memcached, Redis, MongoDB, Sphinx, and the filesystem. Special attention will be paid to the benefits and tradeoffs associated with choosing from the various popular data storage systems, including long-term viability, support, and ease of integration.

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12 April 15:00 - 15:50
Ballroom F

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12 April 15:00 - 15:50 @
Ballroom F


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Software Engineer, Craigslist

Jeremy Zawodny is an incoming employee of Craigslist, having left Yahoo!'s platform engineering group. He has been described as "Yahoo!'s MySQL guru".
He maintains a popular weblog focused on Yahoo! initiatives, which is listed in CNET's index of the 100 best technology-related blogs. According to CNET, Zawodny has "helped put MySQL and other open-source technologies to use"


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