Gizzard: Scale with Twitter's MySQL sharding framework

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The Gizzard Open Source framework is the engine that scales the databases for much of Twitter. Gizzard handles sharding, data replication, cluster expansion, data migration, and provides an API for applications to access the data.

Learn how Twitter uses Gizzard to manage its largest data stores, including:

  • How Gizzard systems are implemented: common parts, custom code
  • How Gizzard manages data replication and sharding
  • Common DBA management tasks in a Gizzard system
  • Running Gizzard systems at scale at Twitter
  • Why Gizzard? Why not? What else?
  • The future of Gizzard
Replication and High Availability Strategies
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12 April 15:00 - 15:50
Ballroom C

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12 April 15:00 - 15:50 @
Ballroom C


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DBA Team Manager, Twitter, Inc.

Jeremy Cole leads a small team of DBAs that keep the world Tweeting. With more than 140 million active users and more than 400 million Tweets per day, Twitter is built on data and databases. Jeremy was an early MySQL user, and an early employee of MySQL; later on, a community member, and an outside contributor. He's done a little bit of everything in the MySQL world, and is now busy back in operations at one of the world's fastest growing companies with some of the world's fastest growing database needs.

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