Getting Started with Drizzle 7.1

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Since Drizzle was forked from MySQL several years ago, some aspects continue to mirror MySQL while others are completely new and different. Consequently, even experienced MySQL DBAs need to learn Drizzle 7 from the bottom up: configuration, administration, plugins, and replication. This session introduces those aspects of Drizzle 7.1 assuming no prior knowledge of Drizzle. The information presented will allow a DBA new to Drizzle to get the database server up and running in a realistic environment, from which point they can study, learn, compare, and evaluate it more thoroughly.

About Drizzle 7

Drizzle is a transactional, relational, open-source database which was forked from MySQL. It's designed for massive concurrency in modern 64-bit, multi-core, multi-gigabyte environments. Drizzle integrates with existing infrastructures because its subsystems are pluggable: authentication, logging, replication, etc. Several leading companies provide commercial support in addition to free community support.

About the Speaker

Daniel Nichter has contributed code and documentation to Drizzle, including:

  • query_log plugin
  • auth_schema plugin
  • mk-query-digest patch for parsing query_log output
  • Documentation for all the Plugins
  • Enhancements and rewrites to Configuration, Administration, and other sections of the documentation

He also blogs about Drizzle at Hack Drizzle.

Database Administration
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12 April 11:00 - 11:50
Ballroom B

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12 April 11:00 - 11:50 @
Ballroom B


Lead User Tools Developer, Percona

Daniel Nichter is the lead developer and database tools specialist at Percona. He has been developing database tools for MySQL since 2005. At the 2010 MySQL Conference & Expose, Daniel was named the Community Contributor of the Year for his work on Maatkit.


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