Common Schema: a framework for MySQL server administration

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The common_schema project provides a set of thoroughly documented MySQL views, stored procedures and functions which simplify otherwise complex shell and client scripting tasks. The common_schema is delivered as a self-contained MySQL schema, which is easily installed simply by running a SQL script: there is no need to configure nor to compile; no special plugins are required, and no changes to your configuration. Because common_schema is implemented in SQL, it is independent of any specific operating system, installed packages or dependencies.

The common_schema is compatible with all MySQL 5.1 servers, and more specialized editions are available for servers running the InnoDB
plugin and Percona server. All common_schema editions are available on google code under a permissive BSD license.

During this 1 hour talk, the following topics will be covered.

  • Obtaining and installing common schema
  • Overview: What's inside the common schema
  • Monitoring
    • track changes in status variables over time
    • gain insights on running queries using different views on the processlist
  • Security
    • what privileges have been granted, and to which users
    • Given a set of privileges, find matching users
  • Schema Analysis:
    • find out which tables lack primary keys, or have redundant keys.
    • generate DDL: use the common schema
  • Query and Schema object analysis
    • which schema objects are used by any particular query, view, or
      stored routine
  • Function library
    • Advanced date and time functions, checksums and more
  • Advanced SQL Scripting
    • Advanced dynamic SQL: using eval() and exec()
    • Looping over queries, lists, intervals or waiting for conditions:
      using foreach() and repeat_exec()
  • Contributing to common_schema
    • found a bug? have a suggestion? want to contribute code? Here's how...
  • For selected topics, example usages will be demonstrated.
    After the session there will be room for questions.

    If there is sufficient interest, a BOF can be organized to discuss the
    current roadmap and more advanced use cases.

Database Administration
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12 April 14:00 - 14:50
Ballroom F

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12 April 14:00 - 14:50 @
Ballroom F


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