Be a Data Management Hero with Good Backups!

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Backup is one of the duller administration topics, right? Wrong! Properly configured backups are the key to avoiding data loss, restoring failed databases, and provisioning new servers. In this survey we will cover standard backup/restore techniques such as mysqldump, XtraBackup, file copies,and file system snapshots. Our discussion will cover how each technique works, when it's appropriate to use, and common tricks like combining backups and database replication. Most importantly, we will impart hard-earned lessons from the trenches to make it much more likely you will actually get your data back when you need to restore it. Some talks improve your career; this one may actually save it.

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11 April 13:00 - 13:50
Ballroom D

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11 April 13:00 - 13:50 @
Ballroom D


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CEO, Continuent

Robert has over 30 years of experience in database and application engineering. Prior to Continuent, he worked on object-relational databases and transaction processing at Sybase. He also held senior engineering positions at Portera and Exigen Group, where he designed and operated software-as-a-service applications. Robert is the original designer of Continuent's Tungsten solution.

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