Architecting your IT for long term cost savings with MySQL

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MySQL is no longer merely the M in LAMP, but the centre of IT solutions that go far beyond being The Online Database. Today, MySQL is at the core of Data Warehousing, CRM solutions, ERP solutions and a large number of scalable IT solutions, also powering key cloud offerings. Basing his analysis on use cases, Kaj presents how smart migration projects, avoidance of vendor lock in, and identifying the right open solution has resulted in sustainable cost savings for a number of large MySQL users.

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11 April 16:30 - 17:20
Ballroom D

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11 April 16:30 - 17:20 @
Ballroom D


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EVP Products, SkySQL Ab

Kaj Arnö is EVP Products at SkySQL Ab. Prior to that, he was VP MySQL Community at Oracle, Sun and MySQL AB, which he joined in 2001.

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