Administering MySQL

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Learn everything there is to know about being a MySQL DBA in 3 hours. this tutorial will teach you all the most important topics of being a MySQL DBA. At the same time it will prepare you for the MySQL DBA certification. This tutorial will go through all the most important topics of being a DBA and we will explain them in detail. This will both prepare for being a DBA and the MySQL certification. During this tutorial we will discuss all topics needed to be a DBA, here is however a list of some of the topics included: Storage Engines; architecture, features, when to use which etc Backups; strategies, methods, pros and cons Server Architecture; the modules, how they interact etc Resource Usage; global vs session memory, disk usage etc Table Maintenance Security; user account management, securing the server Monitoring & Troubleshooting

Database Administration
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10 April 09:30 - 12:30
Ballroom A

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10 April 09:30 - 12:30 @
Ballroom A


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Principal Trainer/Consultant, SkySQL Ab

Jens is a principal trainer and consultant within the Professional Services group at SkySQL. Prior to SkySQL, Jens was a Senior Consultant at MySQL and Principal Instructor at Sun Microsystems and ORACLE. Joining MySQL AB in 2005 and working internationally serving many large enterprise customers and well known Web 2.0 companies he delivers all MySQL related training. He has undertaken performance tuning, assisted with database design and configuration, MySQL-Cluster and other HA solutions.


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